Monday, February 18, 2008

Events in Second Life W/O Feb. 18

All Times SLT/PST
See end of post to learn how you can submit events for publication.

Organizing for the National Crime Victim Week March
Contact Hope McAlpine or Carmen Gray in-world for details.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

Invitation to a Conversation with George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute.
The Rockridge Institute is new to Second Life and VR, but we've plunged in with both feet because of the tremendous potential. We want to make First and Second Life better, which is why we are asking for your help. None of us are as smart as all of us, and sharing ideas and building on each others experiences is crucial to making real progress. The first small step is to merge the Rockridge Institute's real world work on real world issues with Second Life's powerful sense of community and involvement. It's going to be a learnrng process, so please forgive any mistakes we make as this goes along.
Yedo Bascillica

Wednesday, February 20

EvaMoon Ember - wicked funny singer/songwriter
Eva Moon skewers romance, sex, high tech and pop culture with smart, funny original songs. It's a tasty blend of Jazz, Cabaret & Comedy. If you've ever lost your heart to a chocolate bar, lusted after the UPS guy, or traded a man for a vibrator, she has a song for you.
Conscious Lounge

Thursday, February 21

6:00 PM
Virtually Speaking with Jimbo Hoyer
Guest: Justin Krebs of Drinking Liberally
Ask him why the hell he never returned my emails when I wanted to start a Second Life Chapter. :)
InWorld Studios

7:00 PM
Wendy Curtiss - singer/songwriter with passion!
Wendy Curtiss is a consummate, seasoned entertainer/singer/
songwriter and guitarist. Her experiences have covered years and miles of travel. Starting out in the state of Connecticut, she eventually decided to settle in the state of Washington, after playing in California, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. After tiring of the road and its lack of roots, she settled in the Seattle area of Washington and continued to perform regularly on a nightly basis.
Conscious Lounge

Friday, February 22

7 pm
Dancing Liberally - Where No Pundit has Gone Before
A black man? A woman? One or the other the Democratic nominee for President? The pundits must must think they are on another planet, so dress up in your best space wear for lindens. Prizes awarded at 8 and 10 PM.
Cafe Wellstone

Saturday, February 23

6 am
Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"
New Citizen's Institute

9 am
Democratic Party of Second Life General Membership Meeting: Every Saturday 9am
Please Join Us! Planning "Content & Issues" Events Programming, e.g. SL Democratic Primaries.
I was going to run for chair but these people are just too serious for me-still, check it out. It's a great bunch of folks and people like Blue Revolution are doing great RL things.

Mardi Gras may be over but we're bringing out our costumes and beads to dance the afternoon away! Merriment takes place in NYC from noon-3pm SLT. $500L prizes for best male and female outfits (bits covered, please).
World Trade Center Memorial

7:00 pm
Dancing at the Yak
It's National Snack Food Month and DJ Rocky is madly in search of a Cool Ranch Doritos avatar. Even though Jane is cringing, Rocky insists he's going to play several 70s "momentarily satisfying but ultimately nutritionally empty" tunes. Dick Cheney is coming as a pork rind.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Sunday, February 24

1:00 pm
Penguin Tossing Contest on the beach. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

2:00 pm
Live Music - MichelleD Ecksol and her Paper Husband Scott will entertain us with some great live music in the Yak.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Please submit events for publication by emailing me at before Sunday night. Please include a slurl and I prefer HTML, if possible.


No Blood for Hubris said...

Great! Thanks!

the rev. said...

thanks for this General, it makes things a lot easier to keep track of

jillan said...

Thanks General.

If anyone needs this on a note card (for a card vendor or whatever) I have cards available at the Larry Craig Center. It's in a dark blue box, to the right of the stall and the Cost of War display. I'll try to update the cards each week as soon as General gets the schedule out.

Moody Loner said...

Is there a way to have a central server send notecards to terminals or card vendors in-world?
Like, perhaps, with this item.

We could have stations around and about where people could get the Thinking Liberally schedule.

If we really wanted to be fancy, we could see if there's something to make notecards off of RSS feeds and automagically update it weekly off this blog.

the rev. said...

and rather than clog the comments at the main site with this bit of frippery, I want to let you know you won an award of sorts.

though in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the assless chaps