Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thinking Liberally This Week

As you may have heard, we were griefed by Nazis last night. Thanks to all of you who turned in abuse reports. It bothers me a little more that it would most people I think because they've harassed my family in RL too. I wrote about it awhile back. You can read about it here.

All Times SLT/PST
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Monday, April 28

8:00 pm
DJ Dylin's at the Yak
A very special one, wink wink.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Tuesday, April 29

10 am & 7 pm
Drum Circle @ Etopia Forest
Etopia Eco-Village

7 pm
Jeremiah Wright's Sermons - hear the whole thing and think for yourself
You've heard the Fox sound bites and propaganda. Now, hear Wright's words in context so you can make up your own mind about them.
Wellstone's Donkey Democratic Club

Wednesday, April 30

Dancing @ Market square w/ DJ Rocky Torok
Etopia Eco-Village

8:00 pm
DJ Dylin's at the phone the neighbors...wake the'll be glad you did! Come on down....
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Thursday, May 1

5:00 pm
Writers Group at Maxi's
Etopia Eco-Village

6:00 pm
Virtually Speaking
Jimbo's guest this week: Eric Haas on immigration and Framing.
Virtually Speaking

7 pm
Dancing at the Cafe
DJ PB Recreant will be spinning the bytes like a recreant recreanting. So yourself a favor and stop by after VS.

Album Cafe - Pearl Jam, Ten
We're playing some of our favorite albums from the past in their entirety late every Thursday night. We're choosing albums we once loved but haven't heard in awhile. Let's see if we still love them. This week: Pearl Jam, Ten
Cafe Wellstone

May 2

Community Discussion @ Tsi's Cafe
Etopia Prime

7 pm
Dancing Liberally - Dos de Mayo
One hundred and forty six years and three hundred and fifty-one days ago ago, Texas-born Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated an 8,000 French soldiers with a force half that size near Vera Cruz at Puebla Mexico. We're celebrating that day with dancing discussion, and barrels of virtual tequila. DJ Rocky will be spinning the corridos. Lindens awarded for those wearing outfits that best capture the spirit of the celebration-no sterotypes please. Costumes not required.
Cafe Wellstone

7:30 pm
World Peace Now (discussion)
Crows Nest, Schism

Saturday, May 3

7:00 pm
Tres de Mayo at the Yak
6 pm - Joaquin Gustav live with his sublime tango guitar.
7 pm - Shamanes live with rollicking tunes from Buenos Aires.
8 pm - DJ Senor Rocky will play all of your requests and promises not to speak Spanish. Dick Cheney will be absent as he's busy building a fence along the border of his secret undisclosed location.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Sunday, May 4

Early AM
Spiritual PeaceMakers
Come feel the Peace and share your thoughts on Peace. We may try something different this time... Event usually includes a drum circle. All are welcome, All are Loved. - Sequoia Pinion - Join Spiritual Peacemakers for Meeting Notice
Spiritial Peacemakers

Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"

Caffe Freud
Discussion of Modern Psychology Topics with Progressive Mental Health Professionals and other Progressive Thinkers - Great Discussion! Please Join Us!
Caffe Freud

Progressive Blend Radio
Live Progressive Discussion in SL broadcast on Internet Radio
Progressive Blend Radio

Widget's Salon (Tentative)
Smart discussion with smart People.
22 Century Yedo

Quatro de Mayo at Leandrahs
Almost the real day!
Leandrah's Sniper's And Vicki's place.

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