Saturday, July 5, 2008

Concert for the Netroots

Saturday, July 12, 2008 at the Netroots Nation Dance Pavilion, Netroots Nation Island

5:00pm SLT - Robie Bloch, Singer/Songwriter Cathy Kreger's SL alter-ego brings us her "jump-up-and-dance" style of electro-acoustic folk rock.

6:00 pm SLT - JueL Resistance
Suzen JueL, a.k.a. JueL Resistance, is a self taught musician who has been performing since she was 13 years old. She has perfected the weaving of her mind's eye and heart's passion into lyrical paintings richly embedded with emotional hues from her personal experiences. Her lyrics feed the listener's soul and stirs the heart and sentiment of any who have been privileged to hear her perform them.

Her style and sound have been compared, both lyrically and vocally, to such legendary greats as Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Sue Foley, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Mazzy Star, Curt Cobain as well as a generous handful of other talented acoustic musicians.

Other acts pending.

Netroots Nation (formerly the YearlyKos Convention) helps politically active liberal and progessivenetroots communities make a difference in the public sphere. The third annual gathering will be held July 17–20 in Austin, Texas and in Second Life. Netroots Nation 2008 will include panels led by national and international experts; prominent political, issue and policy-oriented speakers (including Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi); a progressive film screening series; and the most concentrated gathering of progressive bloggers to date.

For more information, contact GenJCChristian Homewood inworld or by email.

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