Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thinking Liberally w/o July 21

Lillie TL

All Times SLT/PST
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Know someone who wants a booth at Netroots Nation in SL? Get a hold of Lumi Ihnen.

Monday, July 21

6:00 pm
Open Mike at the Yak
The best live acts in SL each get 20 minutes on the microphone at the Yak.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

8:30 pm
DJ Dylin's at the phone the neighbors...wake the'll be glad you did! Come on down....
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Tuesday, July 22

7 pm
NN-SL Debrief
Everyone must attend. That's an order.
Wellstone's Donkey

Wednesday, July 23

8:00 pm
DJ Dylin's at the phone the neighbors...wake the'll be glad you did! Come on down....
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Thursday, July 24

6:00 pm
Virtually Speaking
Jimbo will interview someone and it will likely be very good.
Virtually Speaking

7 pm
Dancing at The Red Zeppelin
We'll be dancing at the Rev's place, the Red Zeppelin.
Red Zeppelin

11 pm
Album Cafe - Neal Young, Comes a Time
PhotobucketEvery Thursday a Wellstoner shares one of her or his favorite albums. This week, the fabulous Michele Migresh is hosting Neal Young's Comes a Time.

If you'd like to host one of these for your favorite album (at the Cafe), let me know.
Cafe Wellstone

Friday, July 25

7 pm
Dancing Liberally - Mutants and Bikinis

Sixty-two years ago this day, the United States conducted the first underwater nuclear test near Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific. Not only was this an important milestone in cultural and environmental destruction, it provided a marketing angle for two-piece women's swim wear and a string of very badly-done Japanese monster movies. Join us at the Cafe Wellstone for DJ Rocky's finest musical offerings and bartender Dick! Cheney's fond memories of his favorite nuclear dreams. And if you're on the mood, dress up in your best beach and/or mutant wear for a chance to win Lindens.
Cafe Wellstone

Saturday, July 26

6 pm
Soul Train With John McCain
Sen. John McCain whips up a serving of soul to show the youngsters he's "one groovy dude." Stop by, ask questions, and hear his plans to extend the Bush miracle into another decade.
John McCain for President HQ

7:00 pm
Tabula Rosa
No theme, no holiday, no yet another commemoration of a certain country's victory in the War of 1812, no nothing....just DJ Rocky taking your requests while Dick Cheney curses to himself in the corner that *he* never gets a special day (Jane had suggested "Die like a Vampire" Day but he just snarled and turned over in his coffin).
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Sunday, July 27

Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"

2:30pm until late
Dancing at Leandrah's
Come support Leandrah and her DJ, PB.

The Blue-Footed Booby Bar.

Movies at the Red Zeppelin
The Rev will be screening another great movies at the Red Zeppelin.
In the coming weeks we will have the Marx Brothers "Duck Soup" and others.

Please submit events for publication by emailing me at before Sunday night. Please include a slurl and I prefer HTML, if possible.

Are you a Cafe Wellstone member and want your blog or SL business in the side bar? Send me a name, the name of your blog or business, a link, and a classification if business (clothing, club, etc.) Please don't send the info in-world. I'll lose it. Use the email address, above.

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