Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week of Aug 11

All Times SLT/PST
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Monday, Aug 11

6:00 pm
Open Mike at the Yak
The best live acts in SL each get 20 minutes on the microphone at the Yak.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

8:30 pm
DJ Dylin's at the phone the neighbors...wake the'll be glad you did! Come on down....
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Tuesday, Aug 12

6:00 pm
Rocky and Jane's Anniversary The finest couple in the Thinking Liberally community celebrate a year together. Two of the best sharing their love. It doesn't get any better than that. Congratulations.
6 pm - Shamanes - olé Horacios!
7 pm - Rocky plays all of R&J's favourite tunesRocky thinks he's getting off easy with a no-request night, but Jane expects that he'll have many tributes to her. OK, one tribute and a promise to ban Dick Cheney from the skyhouse.
As this will be a uniquely-themed event, R&J want to show their romantic side by requiring all the guests to wear the fabulous Hawaiian shirts they got partnered in. They'll be handing them out, so make sure you're ready to be accessorized!
Rocky and Jane's home

Wednesday, Aug 13

8:00 pm
DJ Dylin's at the phone the neighbors...wake the'll be glad you did! Come on down....
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Thursday, Aug 14

6:00 pm
Virtually Speaking
Jimbo will interview someone and it will likely be very good.
Virtually Speaking

7 pm
Dancing at the Red Zepplin
Never mind that bustle in the hedgerow, climb the Stairway to Heaven at the Red Zeppelin from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. as RevPaperboy Boozehound spins the bytes for your dancing pleasure!
Red Zeppelin

11 pm
Album Cafe - Lou Reed, New York
PhotobucketEvery Thursday a Wellstoner shares one of her or his favorite albums. This week, I'm hosting Lou Reed's New York.

If you'd like to host one of these for your favorite album (at the Cafe), let me know.
Cafe Wellstone

Friday, Aug 15

7 pm
Dancing Liberally - Redneck Heaven

The First Redneck's Reign of Terror is nearing it's end. Let's celebrate with a can of Coors and the recite the sacred words "Next year in Leavenworth." Stop by for a little discussion and a lot of DJ Rocky the Yakshaver's great music. Dress up in your redneck best for a chance to win Lindens. Oh hell, dress scandalously again too if you want. That went quite well, and the word "scandal" seems very appropriate for this kind of send-off. As usual, Dick! Cheney will be off in the corner forging away (this time, I suspect it's false Paraguayan identity papers.)
Cafe Wellstone

Saturday, Aug 16

7:00 pm
Wierd Contest Night at the Yak
DJ Rocky will play all your requests while Jane maages surprise contests with Linden prizes! Dick Cheney suggested "Where's Dick?" but Jane said NO WAY because we all know he's bartending at Wellstone. When he's not shooting people. Or lying in his coffin waiting for darkness.

The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Sunday, Aug 17

Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"

2:30pm until late
Dancing at Leandrah's
Come support Leandrah and her DJ, PB.

The Blue-Footed Booby Bar.

Movies at the Red Zeppelin
When the moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars for this week's feature, Hair.
Coming attractions include the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, A Night at the Opera, and Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

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