Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays

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Know a musician? Help NN-SL

NN-SL officially seeking donations of MP3 recordings of original songs from any and all musicians for use as part of a collection to be sold on Second Life and possibly itunes as a fundraiser for Netroots Nation in Second Life. Email submissions to We need an MP3 and a brief amount of artist info - a couple of sentences is enough- and we need it ASAP in order to get things put together in time for the inauguration. Not all submissions will necessarily end up in the collection, but the Rev will listen to everything sent in and try to whittle it down to a manageable dozen or so tunes.

Quick Links

Monday, Dec. 22

6:00 pm
Social Justice Discussion- Sensible Food Production in a Growing World
From raw product to the dinner table we continue to face issues related to pollution, globalization, GM foods, and of course COST!!!  When we look at the issues and liabilities of modern food production, what are the most sensible solutions?

6:00 pm
Billy Bob Gets His Preachin' On

New at the Donkey! Billy Bob Neck will help you get rid of the satanic influence of the Godless
digital world known as Secular Life with a live broadcast of Billy Bob Neck's Hour of Bein' (Digitally) Good. He'll be answering your questions about why you should stop shooting crack cocaine into your eyeball and follow the path of righteousness laid out in Leviticus written by God himself!
Be there or be condemned in the fiery pit of Hell for all eternity!
God is Love!
Dancing afterward.

7 pm
Chaunkah party at Neffs
....Nefferkitti invites one and all to her home to celebrate Chanukah!  We promise at least one version of Dreidl Dreidl Dreidl as Billybob's lie-beral cousin Rodolpho spins the tunes!

Tuesday, Dec. 23

5 pm
Laughing Liberally: Live at Commonwealth!
Streamed in from New York City. All are welcome. If you do not live in a LL city, this is especially the place for you. Come and help make this a regular event.

6 pm
Zath's Album Cafe and Steampunk Holiday Skating Party - Sarah McLachlan, Wintersong
 Forget the War on Christmas; DJ Zathras wants a War on Christmas Music--the bad stuff, anyway.  You know, the treacly garbage that drizzles out of the PA at Walmart starting just after Halloween.
  That's what makes Wintersong such a joy--it's impeccable, emotive seasonal music that doesn't beat you over the head every minute with the fact that you're listening to Christmas music.  So take a break from the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations and skate the night away to this delightful album, plus a mix of Zath's holiday favorites from throughout the years!
Free Skates and other steampunk-themed goodies (don't miss Hypatia's latest creation, the amazing, steam-powered Skål's Glögg-O-Matic) will be available at Zath and Hyp's winter wonderland in the sky!

7 pm
A Rockin' Rocky Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, and DJ "Santa" Rocky will be on hand with his Christmas spirit(s) to take your requests and play great seasonal tunes!

7 pm
Christmas stories at the Red Zeppelin
The RevPaperboy Boozehound brings you seasonal stories by Dylan Thomas, William Burroughs, Paul Auster, Steve Martin and others. The perfect way to wind down from your holidaze. 

11 pm
Album Cafe - Nirvana, "Nevermind"
Every Thursday a Wellstoner shares one of her or his favorite albums. This week I spin Danny Nirvana's "Nevermind"

If you'd like to host one of these for your favorite album (at the Cafe), let me know.
Cafe Wellstone

Friday, Dec. 26

7:00 pm
Dancing Liberally - Just kickin' back

No theme, no contests, just good music and discussion because I need a break.

Cafe Wellstone

Saturday, Dec. 27

Breakfast with the issues! (discussion)
Bring your news, your articles, and your own coffee as we are poor and cheap as hell.

Sunday, Dec. 28

Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"

Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon!
The regular weekly meeting of the Marxist-Lennonist party, the group you'd quit if they would have someone like you as a member. RevPaperboy Boozehound supplies the music, you supply the dance moves

Movies at the Red Zeppelin
The Glorious People's Cinema Project presents a look at the heartless capitalist running dogs exploitation of an innocent elevator girl and an ambitious bourgois lickspittle. Jack Lemmon, Shirley Maclaine star with Fred McMurray as the bad guy in The Apartment. This is the way the year ends, moviewise.

Mark your Calendars

***On January 20, 2009 we're having an all day Inauguration Party to celebrate the historic inauguration of Barak Obama. We will send out more details as we get closer.***

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