Saturday, December 6, 2008

Human Rights Week in SL

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Monday, Dec. 8

6:00 pm
Social Justice Discussion- Understanding Forgiveness in Relation to Social Change
How do we start to forgive ourselves as well as others for infractions within the social system?   How does that relate to creating change?  It is a little more than "Give Peace a Chance."
Warning: Discussions can get heated

7:00 pm
Billy Bob Gets His Preachin' On

New at the Donkey! Billy Bob Neck will help you get rid of the satanic influence of the Godless
digital world known as Secular Life with a live broadcast of Billy Bob Neck's Hour of Bein' (Digitally) Good. He'll be answering your questions about why you should stop shooting crack cocaine into your eyeball and follow the path of righteousness laid out in Leviticus written by God himself!
Be there or be condemned in the fiery pit of Hell for all eternity!
God is Love!

Tuesday, Dec. 9

5 pm
Discussion Group and Activities Facilitators for Social Justice
We may be talking about you!!!!  The Social Justice group will be meeting looking for new possible group facilitators.  If you have an idea for group or a fun activity you would like to run, please come.  If you cannot make it please send UndoneChaos Enoch a note card with information about what you would like to do along with at least three different dates or times which you could run this group or activity!!!
Warning: Discussions can get heated

6 pm
Zath's Album CafeUncle Tupelo, "No Depression"

Before Wilco, before Son Volt, before, there was Uncle Tupelo.  No Depression, the album that spawned a movement, sparkles with the creative tension of standing with one booted foot firmly in the punk rock of the band's origins, and the other just as firmly in the twangy, roots-driven jangle that Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar would pursue with those two later bands after Tupelo's breakup.  Come to the Cafe Wellstone as DJ Zathras spins one of the foundational albums of Insurgent Country.

All Day, beginning at 9am
Human Rights Festival
December 10 through 15, 2008 
Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Signing of the 
Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations

Second Life will be part of this world-wide celebration with an extraordinary six day line up of events, including Live Music, Art & Photo Exhibits, Discussion and Education events, Theatre, Poetry Slams, and Machinima presentations. Special builds on a number of participating sims are being constructed to showcase these events. This is BIG! 

Pick up your personal travel HUD at Cafe Wellstone...just right click the poster next to the dance floor. This HUD will show you each event and offer tp to get you there easily. 

Organisations participating include Amnesty International, Peace Train, Uthango, Non Profit Commons, and White Ribbon. The terrific live music events include Wellstone's own Russell Eponym on the 10th at 2pm.

Complete schedule and LM HUD available from vendors at Cafe Wellstone.

5 pm
Discussion - The Social Justice Instigator!
Talk, is cheep, but action takes a lot of courage. What are the tricks to actually having the courage to voice a social wrong?   What does it take to sit in the front of the bus???
Warning: Discussions can get heated

6 pm
Russell Live at the Yak!
Wellstoner Russell Eponym (Russell Taylor Ashby) has been playing guitar and singing almost all his life. He truly believes that when it comes to music, a person never stops learning and discovering new horizons.
In addition to performing his own work, he sings a multitude of songs by well-known artists such as Dylan, Donovan, Tracy Chapman and Ralph McTell.
His versatile and accomplished guitar playing and his ability with mandolin, banjo and harmonica create a gig that you simply don't want to miss. Russell's unique sound is characterized by his meticulous fingerpicking style, his soft, lulling voice, and charming British stage presence.

7 pm
DJ Rocky's Rockin' Day-Off!
Wednesday's  the new Saturday, and DJ Rocky will be playing all your requests as usual!  He said something about a "Rodent Christmas".....anyone have any SL Warfarin? 

7 pm
Dancing at the new Booby
DJ PB spins the groove at Leandrah's new place
SLURL Forthcoming

11 pm
Album Cafe - Neal Young, "Living with War"
Every Thursday a Wellstoner shares one of her or his favorite albums. This week RevPaperboy Boozehound spins Neal Young's anti-Iraq War masterpiece (With our own Idella making an appearance on a track)
"Living with War.

If you'd like to host one of these for your favorite album (at the Cafe), let me know.
Cafe Wellstone

Friday, Dec. 12

7:00 pm
Dancing Liberally - Eatin' and Drinkin'
What are the holidays for if not eating and drinking, and I have to tell ya, after eight years of watching W and the Tories loot the economy, I think we all need a stiff drink. So stop by the Cafe Wellstone for a bit of dancing, discussion, eating, and a lot of drinking. Dress up in food and beverage related gear for a chance to win lindens or just kick back and enjoy as DJs Jane and Rocky spin the ones and zeros.
Cafe Wellstone

Saturday, Dec. 13

Breakfast with the issues! (discussion)
Bring your news, your articles, and your own coffee as we are poor and cheap as hell.

7:00 pm
The Rev is the new pink!
While Serenity takes the on the challenge of repinkifying Europe in
RL, the Rev.Paperboy Boozehound keeps the home fires burning at the
Lonely Yak and keeps the DJ chair warm for Jane to take over at 9:30.
Brace yourselves for an onslaught of Canadiana dripping down like
maple syrup from the Great White North.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Sunday, Dec. 14

Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"

Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon!
RevPaperboy bounces the pre-movie musical bytes for your groovin' pleasure at the Red Zeppelin

Movies at the Red Zeppelin
Thanks to Comrades Jane2 and Rocky Torok, the Glorious People's Cinema Project continues to make great leaps forward with new equipment and access to more movies. This week, a cinematic examination of the typical bourgiosie seasonal holiday celebration with National Lampoon's Holiday Vacation, starring Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid.
Coming in January: Goodbye Blue Mondays at the Red Zeppellin.

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