Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration Celebration w/o Jan. 19

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Monday, Jan. 12

6:00 pm
Billy Bob Gets His Preach On

Billy Bob Neck will help you get rid of the satanic influence of the Godless digital world known as Secular Life with a live broadcast of Billy Bob Neck's Hour of Bein' (Digitally) Good. He'll be answering your questions about why you should stop shooting crack cocaine into your eyeball and follow the path of righteousness laid out in Leviticus written by God himself!
Be there or be condemned in the fiery pit of Hell for all eternity!
God is Love!
Dancing afterward.

Inaugration Celebration

Netroots Nation in Second Life is celebrating the historic inauguration of Barak Obama.  Join us on Netroots Island as we mark this historic event in American history, honor those  who helped make it happen, and celebrate the victory of hope.

Schedule of Events - all times listed are PST/SLT

8 am - 1pm: Live streaming of Inaugural events
Netroots Main Arena - SLURL
Netroots Annex Arena - SLURL
1pm - 6 pm: Live music from some of Second Life╩╝s best performers
Netroots Main Ballroom -  SLURL
6pm - late: party at any of 3 inaugural balls on the Netroots islands
Red, White, and Blue Formal Ball - SLURL
Americana Ball - Blues, Americana, Country music - SLURL
USA Rave - Techno, hip-hop, 80s
In addition to the streaming and music, we will have art displays and information about President-elect Obama throughout Netroots Islands.


7 pm
The Undead that will not leave
Sure, Bush left the White House and is momentarily in Texas.  However, in a secret undisclosed location....Dick Cheney lurks, scowling, vowing revenge on an America that won't have him to kick around any more.  Time to festoon yourselves with garlic, hunting rifles, silver bullets, vampire outfits....anything you think that will get Dick to get out of the crypt and go home ffs.  DJ Rocky takes your requests and the contest is "Best Dick Repellent."  Govern yourselves accordinly.

6 pm
Virtually Speaking welcomes Delia Lake
We will discuss sustainable environmental solutions, in the context of The Sustainable Enterprise Field Book, More info at

7 pm
Dancing at the Booby
DJ PB spins the tunes at Leandrah's place.

11 pm
Album Cafe - Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On"
Every Thursday a Wellstoner shares one of her or his favorite albums. This week I spin the Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" soundtrack.

If you'd like to host one of these for your favorite album (at the Cafe), let me know.
It's Friday at the Moose Jaw
Where are you? Come on down to the Moose Jaw and hear Shini spin
Celtic/Irish and Maritime Music. Bring a beer..better yet..whiskey and
kick off the new Obama era with a bang. By the end of this weekend
no one will be sober.

7:00 pm
Dancing Liberally - Biding Berlusconi

W's smarter Austrailian brother was the first to go. Then it was his poodle, Tony, and now W, himself. Who's next? I'm hoping it's his even smarter brother, Silvio. Join us at Witchy's Piazza Dance Floor and we'll discuss as we dance to  the music of deejays Jane and Rocky. Lindens awarded for best Italian themed outfit. 
Witchy Piazza Dance Floor

Saturday, Jan. 17

Fieldtrip to RMB City
Is this site created by a group of Chinese Artist a nationalistic tribute to the Chinese system of government or is it a comment on the Chinese Kleptocracy?
Meet at the Cafe and TP from there.

7 pm
Saturday Night at the Yak

It's Saturday night, and the Yak'll be hopping with DJ Dano and DJ Serenity! Combine showtunes and pink, and you could win a prize!

Sunday, Jan. 18

Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"

2:00 pm
SL Humanists Discussion
SL Humanists meet weekly to discuss ideas.

Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon!
The regular weekly meeting of the Marxist-Lennonist party, the group you'd quit if they would have someone like you as a member. RevPaperboy Boozehound supplies the music, you supply the dance moves

Movies at the Red Zeppelin
The Marx Brothers on A Night at the Opera

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