Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weblog awards

The 2008 Weblog Awards

Wellstoners Up For Awards (Supporting Our Own)

Please support your fellow Wellstoners by voting EVERY DAY.

OMG! I missed Stormbear's strip A Town Called Dobson in the Best Comic strip category!
Vote! Vote! Vote! for A Town Called Dobson.

Avedon Andel's (Avedon Carol) blog The Sideshow is up for Best Midsize Blog.

Bluegal Indigo (Blue Gal) is up for Best Liberal Blog.

My blog, Jesus's General, is up for Best Very Large Blog.

About 300 of you post at Daily Kos. Kos is up for Best Political Coverage.

Remember to vote every day.

1 comment:

Progressive Witness said...

Don't forget Wellstoner Stormbear! Town Called Dobson is up for Best Comic Strip.

Of course the entire field there, including TCD, is being crushed utterly by xkcd (understandably) and Garfield Minus Garfield (somewhat perplexingly). But still....