Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Magic - w/o Feb. 2

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Netroots Nation has a great fundraising album out. It features a number of Wellstoners and others we know from Second Life. You can buy it at Amazon. More info here.

Quick Links

6:00 pm
Billy Bob Gets His Preach On

Does the whole right wing/left wing argument leave you asking, "what about the God wing"?  Stop by the Hour of Bein' Good at 6pm SLT on Monday's at the Democrat Donkey Cafe for an hour of no-nonsense sense instead of the pro-nonsense nonsense that everybody else gonna give you.  You're gonna hear the truth straight from God's mouth.  And lest you think I'm gonna judge you, remember that only God can judge you - I'm just here to tell you what he's gonna say.
God is Love!
Dancing afterward.

Social inJustice Discussion (tentative)

The Rings d0 The Wall
Rock Opera Songs from The Wall in SL. If this is the one I saw, you should see it.

Zath's Album Cafe - El Dorado by Electric Light Orchestra
Host Zath is off celebrating Hypatia's birthday. Pinch-hitting for him will be Dano Bookmite, playing this classic album from the mid-1970's. More dancing after the album!

Social inJustice Discussion (tentative)

7 pm
DJ Rocky at the Yak

DJ Rocky spends the new Saturday taking your music requests and lobbying Jane for yet another zombie theme. Jane refuses because every Wednesday, there's a new theme and contest, and zombies are low in the rotation.

6 pm
Virtually Speaking
Marion Nestle, Goddard Prof of Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health at NYU, discussing the politics of food.

7 pm
Dancing at the Booby
DJ PB spins the tunes at Leandrah's place.

11 pm
Album Cafe - Part 2 - Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
Some say this is the best jazz album ever made. Others disagree. Let's have a listen and decide. Dano Bookmite hosting.

If you'd like to host one of these for your favorite album (at the Cafe), let me know.
The Rings: Homo Sapiens 2.0
ROCK OPERA: Social Activism Showdance

7:00 pm
Dancing Liberally - Love, Fear, and Loathing: A V-Day and and Anti-V-Day party

There are basically three responses to "Will you be my valentine?" They are: "yes," laughter, "I'm getting a restraining order." For some, V-Day is a time to share one's love with another. For other's it's a great day to listen to the screams of cupids as you blow them away with your .44 Colt Python. No matter your perspective, this is the omly Valentine Party you need to attend. So join us at Jillan's place, The Hetstence Ranch. Muskrats Rocky and Jane will be spinning the best love and slaughering cupid songs, and Lindens will be given to those with the most approriate or inappropriate outfits.

7 pm
Album Release Party

We asked and you answered! Fez Records went looking for your musical contributions for a downloadable album to raise money for Netroots Nation in Second Life and you came through. Now, its time to celebrate the release of "The Revolution Will Be Streamed"  - available now at and soon on iTunes. We are having an album release party on Saturday from 7 pm SLT with live performances from some of the people who contributed to the album, including podcasting king Caleb Bullen, professional conscience Billy Bob Neck and SL's own Klipe Wirefly. This is an event not to be missed! We will start off at 7 pm at the Netroot Nations Ballroom and play the whole 14 track album from about 8 pm SLT and then keep the party going all night long.

Join us for 1 hour each week to learn new SL organizing skills to promote more SL activism
Alternate Weeks: Focus on "Basic Organizing" and "Large Event Organizing"

Caffe Freud
Discussion of Modern Psychology Topics with Progressive Mental Health Professionals and other Progressive Thinkers - Great Discussion!  Please Join 

2:00 pm
SL Humanists Discussion
SL Humanists meet weekly to discuss ideas.

Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon!
The regular weekly meeting of the Marxist-Lennonist party, the group you'd quit if they would have someone like you as a member. RevPaperboy Boozehound supplies the music, you supply the dance moves

Movies at the Red Zeppelin

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